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Pastured Whole Turkey 15-20 lbs (Frozen)

Pastured Whole Turkey 15-20 lbs (Frozen)

Whole Turkey - Avg. 17.5 lb
$5.99/lb. Avg. 17.5 lb.
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This size (15-20lb turkey) will feed approx. 15-20 people. It comes fresh with all the giblets included. We do try our best to get as close to the average size as possible, but we need a size window to work with because we can't guarantee the exact size. If you have a specific preference in pounds, please make a note on your order and we will do the best we can, no guarantee.

We have partnered with one of our farmer neighbors, (Christ Zook) that has committed to raising our pastured turkeys for us this year again. Raised all natural on pasture and fed a diet of Soy free, GMO free feed makes for the best tasting turkey you'll ever have! These are heritage breed turkeys that do very well on grass to bring you the old world flavor back to your table.

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